The Response XML

Basically, all API methods will respond with the same XML structure, we have divided this structure in two parts, a non changing - static part -, and a - dynamic part - that contains special information about the method per se, this last one will always be inside the <result> tag.

Basic XML Structure

<!-- static part starts -->
<input> . . . </input>
<status> . . . </status>
<description> . . . </description>
<!-- static part ends -->
<!-- dynamic part starts -->
 . . . 
<!-- dynamic part ends -->

The static part gives information about the call per se, it was well formed? did it executed ok?. This information will save you execution time by letting easily check the method status.

Once we know that the method was executed properly we can process the response by reading the dynamic part contained in the <result> tag.

Basic XML Parameters

Parameter Name Description Possible Values
input The method name invoked Text
status Indicates if the method was invoked correctly or if an error occurs 1. OK
description A human readable explanation 1. Completed
2. Invalid signature, access denied
3. Internal error, please report this to
result Custom information about to the method functionality Independent XML segment, please read the desired RESTful API's method you are interested for detailed information

Please note that the <status> tag and the <description> tag are linked, so anytime you get the status OK you will get the description Completed