URL Inline Search String

Name Possible Values Description

They are the search's filters. Parameters permitted: TYPE, TO, ID_TYPE, EXTERNAL_ID. Each parameter must be separated by ampersand ('&').

TYPE Word Use this as a tag value, you could use any word you want, useful for reporting. The most common word when working with scratchcards is SCRATCH_CARD.
TO Text Recipient's mobile number
ID_TYPE Text Id of the object. (Ex: The ID_TYPE could be the ScratchCard's id )
EXTERNAL_ID ID defined for the user. This associated the url with external uses

Each parameter must be separated by ampersand ('&') and for each parameter is possible to filter by several values separated by comma (',')

You can add one or more of our predefined search's filters, for example:



Filter Step Explanation
type=SCRATCH_CARD Retrieve URLs if the type is equal to SCRATCH_CARD
external_id=CAMPAIGNNAME Retrieve URLs if the external_id is equal to CAMPAIGNNAME