Billing API


Charging a mobile number or “account” and deliver SMS with a text (Only for MT Billing).


Parameters on the following URL are inside braces { }{account}/{amount}/{callback_b64}/{message_b64}/{hints_b64}

Security and Signature

In order to perform REST Calls on Orbit Billing API, signature and parameters should be provided on headers.

Header Name Description Example
timestamp current date-time in milliseconds format. 123456789123
publickey Public Key provided by Ogangi Custom Team. please request it using our ticketing tool 123abcXYZ
signature The unique HmacSHA512 signature for this call, it's involve all input parameters. Generate it by ciphering the url: orbit/api/bill/{account}/{amount}/{callback_b64}/{message_b64}/{hints_b64}/timestamp with special private key abcccer123xyz

Used timestamp for signature should be the same as the header parameter

Parameter Name Description
account An account or mobile number to charge Must use international prefix.
amount Amount to charge to account. This parameter must be expressed in decimal notation, separated by “.”.
callback_b64 Indicate web service in charge to receive billing status Used in case it uses MT Billing Billers.
message_b64 Text message to be deliver to an account.
hints_b64 Special parameters to help identify biller or to send relevant information. (Ex: param1:param1Info)

Parameters b64 (callback_b64,message_b64 and hints_b64) should be encoded in BASE_64


The Response JSON is divided in several fields showing, amount, account, hints, transaction status, url callback to post response and SMS content. Please note that there are several status for billing: ACCEPTED, DENIED, POSTED.

   "content":"Text message content",
Result parameters
Parameter Name Description Example Values
transactionid The Id of the transaction. 81686072599
amount Configured amount charged to account in configured currency. Please contact customer support for changing currency or to configure price. 10.00
hints Hints encripted in base64 aGludDE6dmFsdWUx
callback Web service to post billing status in base64 aHR0cDovL3d3dy53ZWJzaXRlLmNvbQ==
account Account or mobile number. 1242xxxxxxx
content Content of the message in base64 if account requires mt billing Y29udGVudA==
status The transaction status POSTED,ACCEPTED,DENIED

Billing Possible Status

Status Description
ACCEPTED Transaction performed successfully
POSTED Transaction was posted for billing, API sends a text message to account if billing was possible and a status update will be posted on requested webservice
DENIED Billing for account or mobile number was REJECTED.
FORFEIT Billing service took too long to receive a response - Used in MT Billing
ACCEPTED_WITH_DELAY Transaction performed successfully but it took a long time to recieve response

Billing Response

API or MT Billing will be used depending on Biller configuration, the response could be different depending which one is used.

API Billing Response

For API Billing configured Billers, status can only be ACCEPTED or DENIED.

MT Billing Response

For MT billing configured Billers, a response will be posted in the callback set in the request when billing status could be determined.

{ "amount":10.0,
Parameter Name Description Example Values
hints hints encripted in base64 aGludDE6dmFsdWUx
callback Web service for post billing status http://webservice.domain
account Account or mobile number. 1876XXXXXX
status The MT billing transaction status ACCEPTED,FORFEIT,DENIED

Setting New Billers

For configuring a new biller please contact Costumer Support team, with requested Price Points or amount to charge and which accounts patterns to set for billing.