Mobile SDK

Push Notification Keys

When you have completed your initial integration steps and want to start testing your progress you must consider to test your application in a real device because the Android phone simulator is not able to receive PUSH notifications.

Remember you send/receive PUSH notifications through Google Cloud Messaging.

Log into the Google Console with your developer credentials

Generating your Keys

  1. Create a new project that will be attached to the mobile application your are developing in which you want to receive PUSH notifications. In this example the project we created was AndroidDemoPUSHApp
  2. Expand the first box and write down the Project ID and the Project Number
  3. Go to the four box (labeled Use Google API) and click Enable & Manage APIs and select Cloud Messaging for Android
  4. In the next screen just click on Enable API
  5. On the left bar go to Credentials and then press the button New Credential and select the first option labeled API key
  6. Enter the desired name for your key, we recommend something that remind you about this project, click on Create when ready.
  7. Finally write down the Server Key provided
  8. Deliver the Project Key, Project Number and the Server Key to your Sales representative.