Email Report

The Email report provides a detailed look on how the process of sending emails performed. We can get a summary of the status for each email we’ve sent.

When sending hundreds of emails, result for each one of them will be reflected on that main page.

Example Use Case

Whenever an email’s campaign is set and broadcasted it’s very important to check this report in order to verify it started properly and upon completion of all the process, to verify how many users received or didn’t received the email, if they were read, to whom the email was sent and the time it was sent.

How to use

  • Search all the emails sent during a predefined time span. All email campaigns executed from Start date to End date.

  • Filters like *Status* or *Campaign's name* can be set

  • The search within a specified time span can also be combined with a search by campaign name. Always check the dates specified in the Start and End date fields before clicking on the Search button. The dates default to today's date.
  • Use the Excel icon when available to export all the information to an Excel file

Report Fields

Field Description
Date When that specific email was sent
Campaign Name Email's subject.
Starts on Date and time at which the Email campaign was launched. First expected Email sent
Ends on Date and time at which the Email campaign finished. All expected Emails sent
User Email to which it was sent
From From which Email it was sent
Status Basic Status that can be: Delivered, Accepted, Unkown
Status reason Explains the Status message. It can be: Sent, Message read, The message could not be sent, Rejected