Scratchcard Report

The Scratchcard report provides a dashboard like view to any form of blast campaign. The bigger the number of users being targeted in the blast campaign, the more value this report adds as it can be used several times while the blast is in progress.

It provides a summary on how many Scratchcards were sent in each campaign and how many the user clicked after scratching the image.

Example Use Case

After blasting a Scratchcard campaign, you can get to this report in order to search for campaign name, date and confirm how many were sent.

How to use

  • Search all Scratchcard campaigns executed during a predefined time span. All campaign executed from Start date to End date

  • The search within a specified time span can also be combined with a search by campaign name. Always check the dates specified in the Start and End date fields before clicking on the Search button. The dates default to today's date.

Report Fields

Field Description
Campaign Name A short name of the campaign. Please use a concise name and avoid special characters
Starts on Date and time at which the blast campaign was launched. First expected message sent
Ends on Date and time at which the blast campaign finished. All expected messages sent
Date When that campaign was broadcasted
Total sent How many Scratchcards were sent from that campaign
Total visits How many Scratchcards after being scratched, were clicked