Subscribers Report

The Subscribers report provides a dashboard like view from where activities or interactions from a single telephone number can be verified.

By clicking on a telephone number you'll have access to all interactions (MO / MT) that client has been involved, dates, campaign names.

Example Use Case

If it's necessary to verify if a telephone number subscribed/unsubscribed from a campaign or if confirmation on delivering a message is needed, with this report that can be performed easily.

How to use

  • Search for a single telephone number

  • From the results you have to click on the telephone number in order to have access to the detailed information for it

  • Information from that telephone number is shown. From here it can be verified the Subscriptions lists this number is part of, date and time for each interaction, name of the campaign, messages it got or sent and if it's necessary to send a message to it, from this page it can be performed.