Subscription Detail Report

Subscription Report shows a summary of users that has subscribed o unsubscribed (Opted In or Opted Out) from a specific campaign

Example Use Case

This report is useful for checking what users Opted Out or Opted in on any Subscription Campaign . It can be exported and downloaded in csv format.

How to Use

  • Select Source (leave blank for no filter):
  1. Optin API - Opted in via Api call
  2. Optin MO - Opted in via user trigger
  3. Optout MO - Opted out via user trigger
  4. Optout Deact - Opted out via Deactivation
  5. Optout Exp - Opted out via Expiration
  6. Optout API - Opted out via Api call
  • Select date span between Starts on and Ends on
  • Type in specific Mobile number (leave blank for no filter)
  • You may order by newest or oldest first
  • Click on Search to show results

Report Fields

Field Description
User Mobile number who Opted in or Opted out
Source Type of Optin (MO, APi) or Optout (MO, API, DEACT, EXP)
Type Optin or Optout
Date When the Optin or Optout was called
Campaign Name Name of the Campaign that issued the Optin or Optout
Campaign Id ID number of the Campaign that issued the Optin or Optout