Sending and receiving Short Message Service (SMS) is one of the most common tasks performed in the campaign manager. The word SMS and the phrase text message are used interchangeably. SMS is supported as both a main communication channel to reach a user, or as a fallback to other communication channels such as Push Notification. Throughout the documentation and in mobile marketing jargon the following terms are used widely:

  • Shortcode: are special telephone numbers, significantly shorter than full telephone numbers, that can be used to address SMS and MMS messages. They are typically 4 or 5 digit long and are designed to be easier to read and remember than normal telephone numbers.
  • Longcode: are a typical telephone number (e.g. +1 305 6708081 for a US number). Some times shortcodes are not available, and longcodes are configured and used instead. The available reporting information for campaigns based on longcodes is significantly more limited than when using shortcodes. This limitation is based on communication protocols and is completely beyond the control of the campaign manager.
  • Mobile Originated or MO: refers to a text message originated on a user mobile device and sent to the campaign manager by addressing it to a preconfigured shortcode or longcode.
  • Mobile Terminated or MT: refers to a text message originated on the campaign manager and sent to a user mobile device. The message shows a shortcode or longcode as the originating address.

The available shortcodes and longcodes to be used in the campaign manager are listed at the top of the left menu:
These numbers have been preconfigured by the Administrator and may vary by campaign manager login user.

If more than one number is available, the one selected will associated by default to all campaign manager use. It is always best practice to check the selected number upon logging into the campaign manager.

Data Coding

The Campaign Manager supports the four Data Codings as defined in section of the SMPP 3.4 standard:

  • SMSC default alphabet (7 or 8-bits)
  • LATIN 1 (8-bits)
  • US ASCII (7-bits)
  • UCS2 (16-bits)

Using the UCS2 Data Coding it is possible to encode any language for SMS communications, however messages are limited to 70 characters max each (although concatenation can be used if the carrier supports it).

The Campaign Manager has been officially tested using the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Thai
  • Chinese