Users can use the Main List attributes when sending broadcasts or when using campaigns through the column name, for example:

Assume that your Main List contains the following information:

customer_phone_number LST_ACQ_SRC_ID STORE customer_optin_status birthday nick
+13055468310 105 921 st 1 AUG 7th Jane

You can use this information using a basic syntax as follows:

Hi {nick}, remember to use the store at {STORE} when shopping next {birthday}!

The Campaign Manager will dynamically replace those values for each recipient, for example if you set that text in a Broadcast the final message in this example will be:

Hi Jane, remember to use the store at 921 st when shopping next AUG 7th!

Please note that you can use this notation only in the following products:

  1. Broadcast
  2. On-Demand/Keywords
  3. Multiple Choice
  4. Raffle
  5. Scratch Cards
  6. Manual Send

If the mobile number (customer_phone_number) doesn't have a value to replace the field will remain unchanged.