WIFI Beacon

Wifi Beacons use a wifi device like a router to transmit a universally and unique identifier (see SSID or MAC or IP field below) picked up by the Campaign Manager SDK embedded in any app.

The identifier is used by the Campaign Manager to determine the mobile device's physical location, and based on the configuration, trigger a location-based action. Beacons are configured as an Interactive Campaign, in which entering or exiting of the beacon serves as trigger to the configured campaign:

The configuration of the beacon has several parts:

  1. Univocal identification of the desired beacon by its SSID, MAC address or IP
  2. Campaign to be activated upon the established trigger
  3. Trigger event
  4. Advanced options common to all interactive type campaigns

Configuration Fields

Field Description
Name Name that will uniquely identify the beacon. Try to be as mnemonic as possible as there could be a very high number of beacons configured. Please use a concise name and avoid special characters
Title Is the name of the campaign to be activated. Please follow the guidelines as in any other interactive campaign exposed to mobile users
Event Specifies whether the campaign will be activated upon the mobile user entering (Enter), exiting (Exit), or both entering and exiting (Enter-Exit)
SSID SSID which is configured in the wifi device
MAC address MAC address of the wifi decive
IP Public IP of the wifi device
Text/Campaign Select text when you simply wish to configure a message sent to the mobile user, or campaign is you want to select the activation of a previously configured campaign. In this latter case you will need to select the campaign from the available field

Advanced Options

Field Description
Starts on By default Now is checked. Uncheck the Now option to schedule the delivery for a later date and time.
Availability Build the shipment planning rules. By default shipment is allowed every day of the week at any time. For more details see Availability Schedule.
Limited Delivery Check the difference between the actual date and the date of the last event of one device in a region. If the Time is higher than the difference then don't send a notification.