Reminders application will allow the operator to create an event at a specific date. This, will trigger different reminders by using several channels before and after the event is reached. Once an event is created, an “on create” notification is sent to the user. In case the user has an email as favorite channels, an ICS calendar file will be attached in the notification's body.

The following image is the main screen of the Reminders application. This is displayed as a standard calendar where we can select the day when the operator wants to create the event. We can also see the previous events created where we are going to be able to click on them in order to modify them.

To create a new event, click on the defined day in the calendar and a new form will be displayed with the required parameters to be populated:

Here's the breakdown of the required fields:

Field Description
Name The name of the campaign. Please use a concise name and avoid special characters
Comments A description of the campaign, for internal purposes
Date The date when the event is going to take place
Reminders A single or group of notifications that are going to be applied around the event date as reminders. Every single rule will have defined the time/date when it is going to be triggered and the preferred channel where the notification is going to be sent
Recipients The group (segmented list) of users that are targeted for this event. These groups can be created through the Contacts App

Once all the fields are ready, click on the “Save” button. From that moment on, the campaign will be lived and running.

As mentioned before, a first notification will be sent to each user when the event is created. In case there are contacts which preferred channel is email, will have include a ICS file with the event information.

From that moment on, the end user will start receiving the reminders. Every single notification will have the format:

Reminder, you have {0} @ {1}

Where {0} will be replaced by the name of the event and {1} will be replaced by the date

The following is an example of a SMS reminder:

The following is an example of an email reminder: