Sent & Delivery Receipts (DRs) Report

The Sent & DRs report provides a detail look into the result of a blast campaign. The Broadcast Report offers a summary view of the total blast campaign, this report offers a message by message view.

The report offers as many records as messages were sent in the blast campaign, therefore it is likely that it will include a considerable number of records, in some cases in the millions. Hence the important of the search options available in the report. See the How to Use section for details on the available search options.

A record of the report corresponds to the status of the delivery (or not delivery) of each message of the blast campaign. It offers a detailed look of intended recipient, content and status.

Example Use Case

This report is particularly useful in customer case situations in which the specific status for a user is needed. In such case a search by mobile number (if SMS) or by device ID will promptly show the result. This user analysis can be for one or multiple campaigns.

Other typical use case of this report is when analyzing potential problematic patterns in the result of the campaign. For example, by first looking at the Broadcast Report a strikingly high number of delivery failures is noticed. The natural next step is to look at Sent & DRS report for the campaign in question and search for different delivery status (see the Status section below for details).

How to Use

  • Depending on the use case a typical scenario would be to first find the campaign of interest. This is done by using the Start date, End date and the Campaign Name fields. Once the campaign is found, further search may be warranted;

  • The search by user is very straightforward by means of the Mobile number field.
  • The Ordered by field is very useful when looking at a considerable number of records. The Special Attribute and Status field add granularity to the search capabilities.

  • Notice the message “Showing ? to ? of ? entries” you may need to scroll by licking on the Previous and Next buttons in order to find the campaign you are looking for
  • Use the Excel icon when available to export all the information to an Excel file


Field Description
Delivered The message was successfully delivered
Expired The mobile operator or messaging platform was unable to deliver the message in the specified amount of time. A sample case is that the mobile device was turned off
Undelivered The campaign manager was unable to deliver the message. For instance, when the number does not exist
Accept When SMS is routed through messaging aggregators (not direct SMPP connection with mobile operator) some report that they have received the message from the campaign manager and it's ready to be sent to the corresponding mobile operator. This is equivalent to an “ENROUTE” status
Unknown Unknown error occurred. This is very unlikely
Rejected The message was rejected. The messaging platform provider, a mobile operator or push notification platform, could have blocked the message
No status The message is assumed in route

Report Fields

Field Description
Date The unique numeric identifier automatically assigned to the campaign
User A short name of the campaign. Please use a concise name and avoid special characters
Attribute A short name of the campaign. Please use a concise name and avoid special characters
Campaign Name A short name of the campaign. Please use a concise name and avoid special characters
Delivery Method
Status Date
Status Reason