Slot Machine

Just as the Scratch Cards and the Spin-2-Win cards, Slot Machines are intended for creating campaigns which promote a cool/gaming experience. Slot Machines are very popular among the online casino games. It is composed using 4 JPEG images:

There is a 5th optional image you can use for displaying the outcome after the slot machine stops. This could be a 260×390 px JPEG file

For example:

Please note that Slot Machine uses the same foundation of the Scratch Cards, so basically is another kind of card with other mechanics for revealing the final outcome to the end user. To start using the Slot Machine creation tool select the Campaign submenu and then open the Scratch Card option. You will enter the Scratch Card Main Screen. In the Main Screen you will see a list of all the cards that exist in the platform, including the Scratch Cards, the Spin-2-Win and the Slot Machine cards. To create a new Slot Machine Card click on the New Scratch Card button in the toolbar:

This will open the New Scratch Card screen, therefore, for the purpose of using the Slot Machine mechanics, please change the Awarding type to Slot Machine as follows:

And now you will be able to see the New Slot Machine screen:

Here's the breakdown of the required fields:

Field Description
Slices This could be selected in the combo box at the top of the help image on the right side. This is the number of slices for the filmstrip image
Name The name of the campaign. Please use a concise name and avoid special characters
URL The URL to which the final Final image points
Header A 240×54 px image for the top of the slot machine image
Cover A 260×390 px image that will be displayed as the background of the Slot Machine card.
Filmstrip A vertical image with 70×100 px per slice defined. If 5 slices are set, then the filmstrip should be a 70×500 px image. It should contain all the possible pictures that the Slot Machine will display
Footer A 240×54 px image for the bottom of the slot machine image
Prize (Optional) A 260×390 px image that will be displayed in the center of the card showing the winner image when applies after the slot machine stops.
Background color The background color to use for the responsive web page where the Slot Machine will be displayed

Click preview to create a temporary Slot Machine Card and test the interaction. The preview Slot Machine is a fully functional card, so you are able to click on the Lever image in order to simulate de Slot Machine movement. Bear in mind that the filmstrip will always stop its movement at the same position for the purpose of the preview. Once you validate all the fields click on Create to store the card. After creating the card you will be taken to the Slot Machine Broadcast screen . Please note that at this point the Slot Machine Card has already been created, so if you don't want to send a broadcast (either you will be delivering the broadcast later, or you are going to use the Slot Machine Card in another interactive campaign) you can safely navigate away from this screen without losing your Slot Machine Card. You can also enter the Slot Machine Card Broadcast screen from the Slot Machine Card Main Screen by clicking on a Slot Machine Card name.

Once in the Slot Machine Broadcast screen you can click on Preview to test the Slot Machine Card, update any of the images (and click on Update to store your changes), or perform a broadcast:

Here's the breakdown of the required fields when sending a Broadcast:

Field Description
Distribution Lists The Distribution Lists containing the users that will receive the broadcast. You can select none (in which case you must upload an Excel or CSV file in the I want to create a new SMS distribution list option), one or multiple lists (using the Ctrl key in Windows or Command key in OSX). Distribution lists can be populated in other campaigns. For example, you can use a Subscription campaign to add users to a distribution list, and then use the Slot Machine Broadcast tool to send them a promotional card
I want to use and discard a file Select this option if you wish to use a file containing the list of recipients and optional personalized parameters. When using this option you can specify a file that includes more than one field. In this case the first field must contain the mobile number and any additional field are personalized parameters to be used in the Slot Machine Card. Please refer to the Personalization section below for more details
Delivery Method Select the delivery method: SMS or Push
SMS Fallback Only available when using Push as delivery method. Allows you to tell the platform to fallback to SMS if the user does not have the application that will receive the Push Notification installed in his handset
Shortcode The shortcode to use to send the SMS broadcast
Single use Check this box to configure each Slot Machine Card for a single use only. If the user clicks on the link a second time (or if he forwards the link to another user after using it) an error message will be displayed instead of the Slot Machine Card
Text The content of the message that will be delivered via SMS or Push to the handset. Please note that the Slot Machine Card URL will be appended at the end of the message


Most of the time you will want to send a Slot Machine card with a different outcome for each user. In order to do that you would need to use a text file with the following format for each line:

<mobilenumber>;position;<position value>

So that we could have the following valid lines:


Once the broadcast is performed using the file example above, it will cause the following two slot machine images for the two mobile numbers specified: