Engage with customers by:

  • Keeping them informed by messaging them announcements, notifications, reminders, security alerts
  • Interacting with them by inviting them to ask for more information, join a service, express their opinion, play to win
  • Presenting them relevant and timely offers such as communications based on their current indoor or outdoor location, preferences and past behavior
  • WOW customers with creative and innovative digital scratchcards, loyalty cards, coupons as games, augmented reality experiences

Mobile engagement is about launching marketing campaigns supporting all stages of the customer relationship:

  • Acquisition: campaigns inviting mobile users to subscribe to a service, download your app, or visit your mobile site
  • Onboarding: making the first impression count. Welcome newly acquired customers by providing them with the best possible user experience. Show them tips & tricks on new features
  • Retention: keep their interest and enthusiasm up with fresh offers. Reward their loyalty with gift and loyalty cards
  • Conversion: provide customers with easy and enticing ways to upgrade to a premium version of a service, to ups-sell and cross-sell amongst various offerings
  • Reactivation: bring all the intelligence gathered from their usage patterns or past behavior to bear. Lure them back with specially designed offers, or announcement of features that they may find specially interesting

Deliver context-aware experiences by considering customer's preferences, their indoor or outdoor location, and past behavior and usage patterns.

Setup, launch, and manage mobile marketing campaigns by logging-in into the easy to use Web interface or directly from any enterprise system (ERP/CRM) by using the REST API.

Enterprises of all sizes are using mobile engagement:

  • Banks: account alerts, fraud prevention, value-added services
  • Government: process updates, security, services automation
  • Retailers: in-store engagement, offers & coupons, loyalty cards
  • Healthcare: appointment management, medication reminders, health condition monitoring
  • Mobile Operators: services up-sell and cross-sell, customer care, account alerts

Under one messaging platform, reach customers through all and any communication channel: SMS/MMS, push notifications, email, social networks, voice. Get started, or upgrade, your mobile engagement with our powerful do-it-yourself Mobile Engagement Campaign Manager. Get started by requesting the initial configuration through our ticketing tool. The cloud-based Campaign Manager has four major components:

  • Web Interface: request the URL of your choice to access the web interface. The default is a URL of the form http://customer_name.domain.com for which you will be provided with administrative login credentials (a login ID and password). You may wish to create new Roles for which one or multiple login ids maybe created. There are some basic Roles created by default.
  • Application Program Interface (REST API): a completely different set of credentials is provided to access the REST API. The credentials include a Client ID and a Secret Key. Please see the REST API documentation for details on how to use these credentials.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK): is available to embed in existing iOS and Android apps. Its use is completely optional. Please specify your interest in using the SDK so that the appropriate credentials and instructions be provided.
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics: it is an optional and premium service. It works with all the Campaign Manager elements and consists in a extremely powerful storage and inference engine that provides all necessary tools to identify usage patterns of mobile users within one or across multiple campaigns.

The campaign manager is hosted in the cloud under a solid high availability architecture using Amazon Web Services as the foundation: The easiest and most expeditious way to start using the Campaign Manager is by leveraging one of many turnkey campaigns. Examples of a turnkey campaign are: