Opt-in and Opt-out services

Messangi complies with the MMA U.S. Consumer Best Practices for Messaging v7.0 guidelines.

Each campaign has an associated “subscription list”. Subscription to a campaign can always be checked on the “subscription list” associated with the campaign. The opt-in action places a mark in the user record (customer_optin_status = 1) which indicates that the user has provided a consent to the campaign, and the opt-out action changes the customer status as opted out (customer_optin_status = 0). Reports provide insight on the most relevant opt-in and opt-out metrics, including total number of opt-in/out during a period of time, current number of subscriptions, etc.

MMA Opt-In Support

If multiple services exist in the same service number (shortcode/longcode) the users opts-in using different keywords, one for each service, and completely independent from each other. Call to actions as defined by the MMA are supported (this is handled via one of the many Blasting options):

Send TONE1 to subscribe to Polytone club or TONE2 to subscribe to Truetone club

When mobile users send a message with TONE1 or TONE2 they get added to a completely different subscription list.

In the case of broadcast/blasting campaigns, messages will only be sent to mobile users currently subscribed. The status of the subscription is again determined by verifying whether the mobile user is in the corresponding subscription list. Each campaign has its own independent subscription list. Blasting choices include:

  • Broadcast: sends a message to the users on a distribution list. Only mobile users that have opted-in will exist in the list. Any user that has opted-out of the campaign would have been marked as opted-out and therefore would not receive the message.
  • Broadcast by File or Personalized Broadcast: These broadcast options let the marketer upload a CSV or Excel file containing the desired recipients of the campaign. These campaigns like any other also have a subscription list associated to them. In these broadcast options the desired recipient list uploaded by the marketer is intersected with the corresponding campaign subscription list (whitelist) and the list of mobile users resulting from the intersection (presented in both the desired and subscription lists) will receive the message:

One-time Call to Action

One single message is sent (using one of the Broadcast options):

Upmobile Ski Alerts! Send us the resort name, we'll send you the snow conditions. Txt 'Mammoth' to 12345 to receive an alert for Mammoth Resort. Msg&Data Rates May Apply. T&Cs avail at www.mammoth.com/mobile

Users that wish to participate in the campaign send a message which triggers a one-time MT campaign (On-Demand Info, External Webservice, Scratch Card, Raffle, Multiple Choice, etc).

MMA Opt-Out Support

If multiple subscription services exist in the same service number (shortcode/longcode), sending a message (MO) containing the word STOP causes an MT to be delivered including all the available unsubscribe options (this is donde via On-demand Info):

AAcmeMobileRingtonesClub: Send STOP TONE1 for Polytone club or STOP TONE2 for Truetone club

Several Unsubscription keywords can be configured in the same service number (shortcode/longcode), each one of them unsubscribing the user from a different subscription list. When the user sends the opt-out keyword, he is permanently marked as opted-out from the campaign using that subscription list. In the previous example there would be three Unsubscription campaigns in the Campaign Manager (via the Subscription campaign, using a keyword with the two words):

  • STOP TONE1 marks the user as opted-out in the distribution list for campaign Polytone club
  • STOP TONE2 marks the user as opted-out in the distribution list for campaign Truetone club\
  • STOP ALL marks the user as opted-out in all of the distribution lists that exist for that service number (shortcode/longcode) in the campaign manager.

Using the Blacklist

This is another setup which provides another way for handling the opt-outs from any given campaign. In this case, whenever the user sends an unsubscription command (STOP, CANCEL, QUIT, UNSUBSCRIBE), the number is added to a special list called the Blacklist. This will cause that the user won't receive any more unsolicited messages from the related shortcode. An unsolicited message is a message which is not initiated by an incoming text from the user (i.e: A message originated by a broadcast). Please note that by using this configuration the platform will block all of the broadcast messages intended for any blacklisted number, no matter the filter used during the broadcast configuration..

In order to configure the blacklist, the following option must be checked in the Subscription Campaign interface:

This configuration applies for both type of Subscription campaigns, either an opt-in (for removing an user from the blacklist) or opt-out (for adding an user to the blacklist).

Double Opt-in

There are two types of double opt-in:

  • From an external source: In this case the mobile users opts in using an external medium (fills a form at a store, enters his mobile number in a web page, via an IVR, etc). When the user makes the initial opt-in in the external medium a call is fired to the Messagi REST API requesting the start of the double opt-in process. This fires an MT to the user's mobile number requesting confirmation that they really intend to opt-in to the service:

Farm League Baseball Alerts! To confirm the subscription to monthly alerts, reply YES. Get 4 msgs/month. Reply HELP for help Msg&Data Rates May Apply.

If the user replies this message with the text YES the user is added to the subscription list, completing the double opt-in process.

  • From an external medium: Sometimes the user will receive the call to action via a different channel, other than SMS. The MMA presents an use case using a print medium with the call to action:

In this case an initial Multiple Choice campaign is created with the initial opt-in keyword, 44521 in this example. The Multiple Choice campaign sends an MT to the user with the second opt-in message:

Farm League Baseball Alerts! To confirm the subscription to monthly alerts, reply YES. Get 4 msgs/month. Reply HELP for help Msg&Data Rates May Apply.

If the user replies this message with the text YES the Multiple Choice campaign adds the user to the subscription list, completing the double opt-in process.