Some users are allowed -using permissions- to create or edit workspaces, to access the workspaces page you need to switch to admin mode and then go to Personalized Workspaces option, as follows:

  • Use the switch icon in the upper right corner

  • On the menu, select Personalized Workspaces

  • On the workspace list you could press NEW if you intent to create a new workspace or the name of an existing workspace to edit it.

There is a faster way to edit a value on the current workspace - most common case -, as follows:

  • Hover the mouse pointer over the login in the upper right corner

There are two section in the Personalized Workspaces page, the General section with global information about the workspace and the Mobile SDK & RESTful API section with the credentials to access our RESTful services and the Mobile SDK.

'General' section

  1. Workspace's Name
  2. Branding image location
  3. Timezone chooser
  4. Text encoding chooser
  5. URL shortener chooser
  6. Code registration mini-tool (Short, Long or Alphanumeric)
  7. Messages per week per recipient cap
  8. Global restriction schedule, avoids disturbing users at certain times

Sección 'Mobile SDK & RESTful API'

  1. Information to connect your Android App
  2. Information to connect your iOS App
  3. Private && Public keys to perform calls the RESTful API
  4. Mobile App name